Coworking Resources

From financial planning and membership sales to coworking space management and marketing, these resources were created to provide you with helpful information that makes it a little easier to run your business. When using these documents, please don't make changes to master files—make sure to copy a new version that you can edit and customize.

Business Planning & Strategy

Coworking Space Pro Forma Worksheet
This spreadsheet is a basic template you can use to price your membership offerings and forecast revenue and expenses for your coworking space.

Explainer Video for Pro Forma Worksheet
In this video, Proximity's Brian Watson shows you how to make the best use of the coworking space pro forma template.

Guide to the Most Popular Coworking Space Amenities
Are you considering which amenities to offer in your coworking space? Thinking about leveling up your current offerings for a better member experience? This guide covers popular coworking amenities and how you can monetize these offerings to boost revenue. 

Managing Your Coworking Space

Member Handbook Example A
This member handbook contributed by Evolve Workplace provides sample information to share with your coworking community, such as policies and instructions for use of the coworking space.

Member Handbook Example B
This member handbook contributed by Wayfinder provides an additional example of information you may choose to share with members when they join your coworking space.

Community Norms Poster
This poster from Proximity Space is an example of member guidelines you may choose to post in your coworking space.

Community Manager Job Description Template
The community manager plays a vital role at your coworking space. As the face your members will see most, it's essential you hire someone who's the right fit to help shape your culture and community. Here are the essential traits you should seek, plus a list of duties commonly owned in this role

List of Community Manager Duties
This comprehensive task list contributed by FACTORY has common duties for which community managers are typically responsible.

Email Example: Introducing Your Members to the Proximity Platform
If you're switching coworking management systems, this email template contributed by The Hatchery is an example of how to communicate to your members about changes to expect and actions they'll need to take.

Signage Templates for Cleaning (COVID-19)
These templates can be used to help instruct members on cleaning and reserving resources to mitigate risk of coronavirus spread.

Marketing Your Coworking Space

How to Pre-Sell Coworking Space Memberships

One thing that differentiates coworking spaces that start out strong from those who struggle to succeed is pre-selling memberships. In this guide we share several ways you can start early to build your community and create a membership base before you open your doors.

Guide to Planning Events for Your Member Community
Hosting events at your coworking space is one of the best ways to attract new members and help your current members expand their networks. This guide has tips for planning and promoting successful events to support growth and retention at your coworking space.

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