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Proximity Connect offers free, bi-monthly calls featuring industry experts who share tips and best practices on topics ranging from funding and hiring to digital marketing and member retention. Coworking Community Calls are open to all coworking space owners and managers. You can register for upcoming calls in the Events tab above, or check out our recent events if there's a Community Call you missed.

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Strategies and Tips to Boost Member Retention
Proximity cofounder Brian Watson shares our top strategies to increase member retention. Get tips on providing a great experience at your coworking space that continually provides value and encourages your members to stick around.

Coworking Memberships for Students and Parents
Cova Cowork, Domi Station and The Workaround discuss partnering with schools during the COVID pandemic to offer student memberships, member benefits for homeschooling parents and providing educational programming for children of members.

How Are You Managing COVID-19?
Four coworking space owners and managers share how they've handled closing and reopening, including member communication, membership structures and pricing, events, childcare and COVID precautions.

What Should Marketing Look Like Right Now?
Coworking marketing expert Kevin Whelan of Everspaces shares tips and strategies for staying relevant and top-of-mind during volatile, uncertain times, and when budgets are tight.

Rise of Remote: How to Attract Distributed Teams to Your Coworking Space
Laurel Farrer of Distribute Consulting, Charles Woodin of Geekdom and Gianni LaBarba of Mohr Partners discuss how coworking spaces can take advantage of the growing opportunity to support remote workers and distributed teams.

Reworking Your Revenue Model
Proximity cofounder Brian Watson walks through a pro forma revamp exercise, financial expert Kelly Johnston discusses cash flow and expense management, and Alice Ross of Alchemy Coworking shares post-pandemic strategies for her coworking space.

Reopening Your Coworking Space
Proximity COO Allison Blevins shares the plan we used to reopen the three coworking spaces we own and operate in Colorado after two months of pandemic closures.

Coworking Space Design Tips
Professional designers from Interior Environments share post-pandemic layout strategies to convert more of your space to private and micro offices, and to increase member comfort and safety.

Proven Ways to Successfully Build Community
Bailey Richardson of People & Company and coauthor of Get Together shares her research, insights and experiences building strong, connected communities.

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